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Last Minutes Order

This page is for Last Minutes Order only. For regular shipping orders,  please order at THIS PAGE.

Last Minutes Order Process Fee : 6 USD. Hotel Delivery ONLY. (NO AIRPORT PICK UP)

If you make your order now, here is estimated schedule for you, please check if it can fit your requirement.

Current Taipei local time:
Estimated package shipping time:
Estimated package Arrive time:

 FAQ of Last Minutes Order (must read)

Please refer to the estimated schedule above, mostly the package will be process and delivery by this schedule.

Sorry but most Airbnb doesn't have detail address, we can't ship to there if we don't have such information, also we can't sure if there is someone can receive the package for you.

Sorry, but no, Last Minutes Order is too late to ship to airport for us.

Yes, we have to charge 6 USD for Last Minutes Order process fee.

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