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Top 10 Recommend bubble tea in Taiwan

While most American have a cup of coffee in the morning, Taiwanese use to have a cup of bubble tea from tea stand in the afternoon or other time we feel like need a little happiness. Bubble tea is so popular in taiwan, and tea stands are popularized widely everywhere. There are so many brands of tea shops sale similar drink, even I feel confused sometimes. But actually each brand has it’s own specialty and the best buy.

Before we introduce you some franchise tea stand, there is one thing you should know that tea stand is not for savoring the Chinese tea. The concept is like you won’t go Starbucks to savor coffee, right?!

Depending on different tea breed, baking ,ferment…Chinese tea can be divided into many categories and names. But in a tea stand don’t need to make things complicate, just roughly green, oolong, black tea. This three major type of teas combine with juice, milk, and creativities then become a fantasy, interested, tasty drink.

How to order a customize drink for yourself ? First choose a flavor of your drink. Second you can ask for how many ice cube you’d like. Generally every tea stand offers 5 degree of ice cube choice (no ice, ⅓, ½, ⅔, regular). We taiwanese think drink cold beverage is not good for health especially for female and after exercising when you body still in a high temperature but also we can’t resist the delicious drink. So the sweet tea stands offer 5 degree of ice cube amount for contradictory taiwanese.

Third, there are 5 degree of Sugariness (no sugar, ⅓, ½, ⅔, regular). Sugar free is one of my favorite, not only it won’t increase the weight(a 700 c.c. full sugar pearl tea contains almost 1000 Kcal.), it taste natural and good too.

As following are my recommend franchise tea stands, don’t forget to try and find your own favorite tea stand in taiwan.

1 p_dayungstea 大苑子
柳橙綠 Fresh local choiced orange juice with jasmine tea 柳橙綠
柚美粒 Fresh local grapefruit pulp juice with jelly and aloe 7980dba34a25202d55de853493efca92
2  GeorgPeck 喬治派克GeorgPeck 甘蔗清茶 Sugar Cane green tea 甘蔗清
3   清心福全ChingShin 優多綠茶 Yougurt green tea 多綠
4  茶湯會 茶湯會
鐵觀音 Tieguanyin 鐵觀音
5  五十 五十嵐
波霸奶綠茶 Big Pearl green milk tea 波奶綠
6  橘子 橘子工坊Orangetea 鮮百香QQ青茶 Passion Fruit QQ Mountain Green Tea 百Q
7  鮮茶道 鮮茶道
烏龍清茶 Oolong Green Tea 烏龍清
8  清玉 清玉
翡翠檸檬 Jade Lemon Tea 翡檸
9 喫茶趣

Cha For Tea

913茶王 913 King’s Oolong Tea 913