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預約系統只能預約四天內的訂單,如果有緊急預約的需求,請使用 last-minutes-order 預約。

Online Booking system only accept booking in 4 days advance, if you have urgent case, please use last-minutes-order.




Charger and USB cable are included, we offer free power bank.



早鳥優惠實施中!即日起只要您的出發日在21天後,在預約的時候輸入優惠碼「IAMEARLYBIRD」,就可以享有85折的優惠!詳細的早鳥優惠使用方式,請參考早鳥優惠說明Early bird discount! If your start is 21 days later, enter promo code "IAMEARLYBIRD", you can get 15% discount. How to use promo code? please refer to this page


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